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The Old Forge Media Advertising Network (OFMAN) was designed to bring efficiency to social media advertising and marketing.

Our Approach:

Our background:

Old Forge Media Management was founded by Lance Laifer at the beginning of 2013. Lance's original vision was to help companies, organizations, athletes and celebrities connect with their customers and fans. Lance, who was the creator and co-founder of Hedge Funds vs Malaria & Pneumonia, saw first-hand how integral a communal approach on social media was to the fights against malaria and pneumonia and believed that a similar approach would benefit others. Prior to creating Hedge Funds vs. Malaria & Pneumonia, Lance was one of the pioneers of the early monetization efforts on the Internet. The Old Forge Media Advertising Network (OFMAN) integrates the experience Old Forge Media has gained by helping to manage and create some of the best performing and most innovative accounts on social media with the experience Lance and his team of professionals gained when building the early monetization systems of the Internet.

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